1. Lily

    My mum’s dog. Possibly part cat. Or part ewok. Certainly bonkers.

  2. Dan Wheeler - proprietor, The Photo Parlour

    I was at The Photo Parlour studio in Derby carrying out a headshot session with an actress last Saturday. Dan had just been showing me this amazing little film camera. I was setting up lights for the next headshot and got Dan to step in with the camera. Took literally just one frame. Don’t think I would have taken a better portrait of Dan if I’d spent the afternoon on it to be honest…

    The Photo Parlour is an amazing facility in Derby for analog photographers (and digital photographers like me who need a hireable space for small studio shoots) and Dan runs the place with great passion. Check it out at www.photo-parlour.com

  3. Wastwater, Cumbria

    One of the nicer places I’ve been sent to take photos. I spent yesterday getting wet and muddy scrambling up a gorge near here with a bunch of intrepid 16/17 year olds on an NCS week. Will blog about that at a later date… 

  4. Carla Mundy - photographer

    I was really chuffed when Carla asked me to take her photo for her ‘About’ page on her website. Carla and I have both been shooting in the same region for Rock Sound magazine for a couple of years and have assisted each other on some shoots too.

    Lately, Carla has carved herself a niche as an amazing tour photographer for the rock bands of the UK - working with Baby Godzilla and Arcane Roots quite a bit.

    Here’s Carla’s website: carlamundyphotography.co.uk. If you click the ‘About’ button you’ll see this photo in context.

    The shot was taken on a collapsed road in the Dark Peak area of the Peak District. Carla found the location online and the gloomy weather added to the strange, post-earthquake sort of atmosphere. 

  5. Guy Lloyd - Juice 107.2 drivetime show presenter

    I shot a new set of promo photos for Brighton radio station Juice 107.2. Guy is one of their best known presenters and this photograph was taken in one of the North Laine area’s main streets - Gardner Street. It was one of the simpler location shots we did that week, but I really like this photo. To a Brighton person, it’s unmistakably Brighton. Indeed, that was what we aimed for as a concept on all the location shots. 

    Thanks to Guy and all the rest of the Juice 107.2 crew for being ace all week. Thanks to Hannah Smith for her assistance on the location shoots. 

  6. Ben Welch and Nic Harvey in ‘Mrs Green’

    Two graduates of Nottingham’s Television Workshop, Ben and Nic have recently unveiled their new theatrical creation - soul-singing, drug-dealing grannie, Mrs Green (that’s Ben under the wig). You can see it from July 16-19 at The Corner in Nottingham. Here’s a YouTube taster.

    This was shot for Leftlion magazine. Photo nerds (like me) may be interested to know it was a four speedlight shot - gridspot on Ben, mini softbox on Nic, green gelled speedlight through the dry ice and a big brolly as fill. 

  7. Headshot Session: Ava Scott

    Ava’s a Derby-based actress and part of the 1623 Theatre Company. This was a dream of a headshot session - she had planned the looks she wanted, even made clothing, hair and make-up notes. She was great to direct too. The hardest part of this was editing the full set down.

    This session was carried out at The Photo Parlour - Dan Wheeler’s ace new traditional photo studio and darkroom in Derby. I feel slightly guilty about shooting these with a digital SLR. Sorry Dan.

  8. Rudimental @ NCS concert, Gorilla, Manchester

    My favourite shot of current drum and bass chart-hoggers Rudimental from today’s NCS (National Citizen Service) gig in Manchester. The other acts were The 1975, Clean Bandit and Goldierocks.

    NCS provides a unique opportunity for teenagers around England. Visit NCSYes.co.uk for more info.

  9. Hayden Tucker - store manager of Topshop in Nottingham

    This was shot to accompany an interview in the Arcadia Group’s magazine - The A Mag. Hayden is a rising star within the company. He’s a great guy too - our shoot was a lot of fun, despite all being carried out first thing in the morning before the store opened.

  10. Haiku Salut, album launch show at Déda

    Here’s Haiku Salut lighting up the Holy Smokes night at Déda in Derby last night with sparkly music from their debut album Tricolore and cleverly controlled household lamps (lamp syncing courtesy of the man in the background - Robin Newman).   

    For more info about the range of events at Déda, go here: www.deda.uk.com

    Go find out more about Haiku Salut here: haikusalut.com

  11. Darren Daly - actor and theatre director

    Darren can do suave and approachable, but he can also do ‘total badass’. While doing his new headshots the other day I couldn’t resist taking a little detour and doing a shot with some edgier light. He totally has the cheekbones and stare for it. I don’t think this is one for his actors’ CV, but when he lands a role in Con Air 2…

  12. Ollie Smith - Performer Of ‘Ollie Smith Is 27’

    A photo session for the new issue of LeftLion. Ollie is an actor and performer, currently touring a dark but funny solo show called ‘Ollie Smith Is 27’. It’s all about the notorious 27 Club - made up of scores of legendary musicians who all died aged 27 (Hendrix, Cobain, Joplin, Morrison…). Ollie has just turned 27, and his time to become a proper rock legend is running out. He promised me he isn’t going to take this performance concept too far.

    You can catch his show on Friday April 5 at Nottingham Playhouse - click here for details.

  13. The Script @ Capital FM Arena, Nottingham

    The Voice UK is back on telly tonight. Here’s a shot of judge/mentor Danny O’Donaghue doing his day job at the Capital FM Arena a couple of weeks back. Shortly after this he came down to sing to the front rows and at one point put his glittering, stardust-flecked hand on my humble, tired shoulder. I will never wash that jacket again. I’ve never washed it before, to be fair.

  14. Headshot Session: Actor/Presenter Ed Nudd

    My three-hour actors’ headshots session is all based around working with the actor to capture a subtle range of different looks to help them pitch for varied roles. Ed is probably as varied as they come though - his CV includes everything from presenting corporate and commercial videos to playing the lead in a new zombie film. These are three of his eight final shot selections from the shoot we carried out at his house. Ed was truly great to work with.

  15. Olly Murs @ Capital FM Arena, Nottingham

    Haven’t shot enough live music recently, so it was nice to get back into it with something glitzy like this tour show at the Capital FM Arena.